How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

Woman holding air filter while wearing a mask.

If you have an air conditioning unit, you are probably wondering how often you should change the AC filter. The answer to this depends on several factors. The best answer is to check with a professional AC specialist, such as Telford Cooling, and understand these different factors and how they relate to your filter system.

What Kind of AC filter Does Your Unit Have?

There are different kinds of AC filters, and depending on the one you use, will determine how often it should be changed. The standard filters are one to three inches and should be changed out every thirty to sixty days if you or no one else in your home suffers from allergies. If there are allergy sufferers in your home, you should replace your AC filter more often, or about every three weeks. Telford Cooling can advise you on the best AC filter for your unit and household needs, and help you understand how long it can be used before changing it out.

What Type of Air Quality Do You Have in Your Home?

Have you detected any strange or odd odors in your home? Would you rate your air quality at excellent, good, fair, or poor? If you’ve noticed odors, or feel you have inadequate air quality, you should call Telford Cooling to have your AC unit inspected. Either of these scenarios could mean your unit needs a tune-up.

Do You Have Pets in Your Home?

Someone who lives alone and does not own a pet could go six to twelve months before having to change an AC filter. If you have pets, it will depend on the breed and whether or not it is shedding or non-shedding. A pet that sheds its hair will mean your AC filter needs more frequent changes. If you own two pets, your filter should be changed every sixty days, if you have three pets, you should be changing the AC filter every twenty to forty-five days.

How Many People Live in Your Home?

If you live by yourself, with no pets, and do not have any allergies, you can go from six to twelve months on one filter. If you live with your partner and more than one child, you should be changing your filter every twenty to forty-five days.

Do You Live in an Area with High Air Pollution Issues?

If your home is in a rural area, or you use an air conditioning unit in your vacation home, you should have an AC unit that receives little to no impact from outside air pollution. If you live near a construction area, or in the city, your unit will be affected by pollution and outside dust. Living in a city or near construction means you should change your AC filter every thirty to sixty days.

How to Choose the Right AC filter

There are a lot of different size options for AC filters. You will also see a variety of filter types on the market. To choose the right filter for your home, contact Telford Cooling to learn what your AC model needs and which filter works best for you and your family. Your AC system has to have the right filter for it to function properly.

Air Conditioning Specialists

Telford Cooling has more than twenty-five years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. We offer you honest, guaranteed work that exceeds the standards of the industry. If you are unsure about the performance of your air conditioner, we can schedule an appointment to determine if you need a minor repair, or if it’s time to purchase a new unit.